Bastards are gonna bastard vol. 2

This is not my story.

It was told to me about another hospital, and another surgeon, by a CRNA.

A patient was going to be having surgery on a central body part. After the consent was signed the surgeon added another body part. This body part, well, there is more than 1.

It doesn’t matter what body part.

It matters that the surgeon mark the correct body part.

Because mistakes happen.

And marking the correct body part is a way to not make a mistake.

Because we make the surgeons mark a body part when there are more than 1 for reasons.

To recap, there is a surgery. Surgeon wants to add on a smaller biopsy on a body part that is not singular. Surgeon needs to mark the correct side.

CRNA tells the surgeon that they cannot bring the patient back because the non singular body part is not marked.

The surgeon suggests they bring the patient back anyway.

The CRNA refuses.

The surgeon puffs himself up and gets to within 2 inches of the CRNA’s face, screaming that he’s not going to mark the *expletive deleted, use your imagination* side.

I am sure there are veins sticking out and the surgeon is red in the face, maybe sweating.

Spittle is definitely flying.

The CRNA refuses, which is the appropriate thing to do.

The surgeon continues to attack the CRNA verbally, threatening his job.

The CRNA walks away, calmly, to get the head CRNA involved.

The head CRNA tells the surgeon that he will have to mark the side.

The surgeon completely loses his shit and threatens everyone within the sound of his voice.

I am sure there is an audience now.

This exchange has been going on, in front of the patient and the entire pre-op area for 10 minutes.

The CRNA refuses.

The surgeon is irate and threatening.

The CRNA asks, again calmly, what the chief of surgery may think of this display.

The surgeon grabs the marking pen and, muttering deprecations under his breath.

The CRNA apologizes to the patient for the delay.

The CRNA explains that it is for the patient’s own safety.

The patient remarks the surgeon must be having a bad day (!).

The CRNA is relieved at this point as it is change of shift and it is best to add another CRNA to the case because the surgeon is still making threats.

The CRNA goes to the office to talk to the head CRNA and says they want to press charges against the surgeon.

I wasn’t there but I would have applauded.

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