Cookie Thursday is a Thing part 1

I am sure I have written about Cookie Thursday is a Thing but I was terrible about noting down when I wrote, or keeping to a schedule, or lots of things.

The Covid Pandemic has NOT made me pay attention to those things.

I have decided to be more intentional about blog posts.

I am now writing down blog post titles in my calendar and keeping track that way.

I am also writing down all the blog post titles down from my entire blogging life that has been a bit half assed.

I promise to do better.


Cookie Thursday is a Thing began out of my desire to use and show off our brand new kitchen.

The new kitchen was put in, through a nine month process where they ignored our request for a kitchen, figured it after we inquired about it in week 4, lost a cabinet, couldn’t install until they remade that cabinet, the granite was backordered, and then templated and installed.

That is a LONG time to be without a truly functional kitchen.

I was definitely going to be showing it off.

And experimenting with baking.

Thus, Cookie Thursday is a Thing was born.

Created/started/bragged about.

Cookie Thursday is a Thing (yes I am married to the title) began six years ago in January of 2015.

At first there were a couple of other bakers who would take shifts and bake weekly.

And then they all petered off.

Until I was the last circulator standing. (this took about 4 months)

Six years of weekly cookies.

On Thursdays.

The tag line is Cookie Thursday is a Thing because it is not yet Friday and we are sad.

I only bake with quality ingredients: butter, real vanilla, good chocolate, King Arthur flour.

6 years is a lot of ingredients.

Relatively quickly I decided that the months had to be themed.

Not only does theming the months aid in finding recipes, it also gives a bit of structure to the entire enterprise.

Over the years I have settled some months onto months of the year and kept the theme consistent.

6 years of cookies is 312 weeks. That’s a lot of cookie types. That is why they are themed.

This month, March 2021,the theme was Greatest Hits. Over the years there have been cookies that were consistently asked for.

I baked jalapeno chocolate chip cookies, I want them to be called the hot chocolate chocolate chip cookies but no one is playing along.

I baked fudgy cocoa no bakes, the peanut butter oatmeal one.

I baked cookies with Lucky Charms marshmallows in them for St. Patrick’s Day.

This past week I baked triple pepper jelly thumbprint cookies. Sometimes I do savory and they are always a hit.

Except for the BBQ chip cookie. That was awful.

I experiment on my coworkers using Cookie Thursday is a Thing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

April will be a citrus cookie month. Very springy. All 5 Thursdays.

Just now I decided to post my weekly Cookie Thursday is a Thing on here.

Just for another thing to keep consistent.

So check back on Thursday to see what citrus I decided on for this week.

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