Pearl clutching at its best.

I know, I know that evening shift and day shift thinks differently.

I know.

Day shift wants to do their cases and finish their shifts and go home.

Evening shift want to make sure that day shift has all the instruments and tools needed for their next shift, doing cases all the while.

Day shift’s patients are 90-100% tested for Covid, before the day of surgery.

Evening shift’s patients are not tested.

Okay, to be fair, rarely tested.

I mean really rarely.

Sometimes there is an overlap to where day/afternoon shift ends and where evening shift takes up the mantle.

I thought it was understood, like months ago, that ER patients are not tested prior to surgery.

Today, there was a late afternoon case.

I didn’t think I had to tell my coworkers that this is an ER patient, there has not been enough time to test them, therefore they have not been tested.

But, apparently I did.

I will try to do better last time.

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