Another Year Falls

It is New Year’s Eve and I sit here waiting for my husband to finish his game to join me in mine.

When 2020 began I was looking forward to starting my final year in graduate school, with only four months left until I was graduating.

In December 2019, I had heard of a virus in a province of China called Wuhan that seemed to be deadly and spreading fast.

It is now New Year’s Day.

In March I was told that I had to finish my clinical hours online, either doing education or participating in it.

In March our elective cases were all cancelled. However, evening cases are RARELY elective. And no one wants to work my shift.

In April, graduation was cancelled.

In May I received my diploma through the mail and elective cases resumed.

There is a testing strategy for elective cases. See above how most evening cases are not elective.

Many, many N-95 masks.

The year in the OR got busier and busier and busier.

I worked more and more hours, more and more call.


May 2021 be kinder and gentler to us.

This is my hope.

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