December casts its hateful spell

December in normal times is somewhat delightful.

Unless you work in the operating room.

Unless you work in the US in an operating room.

In the US, I know I’ve talked about this before. If you meet your deductible for the year the rest of your healthcare is free or highly discounted.

This puts pressure on the OR schedule.

All those “free” surgeries.

Add in the pandemic and Murphy’s gloves are off.

57 hours I’ve worked this week.

In a twisted Pandemic December please consider the following:

1 visit by Joint Commission.

2 masks worn.

3 sets of scrubs.

4 epic downtimes.

5 add on cases.

6 bones a broken.

7 staff call outs.

8 pages beeping.

9 no test patients.

10 emergency calls.

11 quite full schedules.

12 grumpy surgeons.

December blows.

Hey, at least my Christmas tree is up and decorated.

I’m miles ahead of last year.

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