Be kind to yourself

This last week was hard.

It might be the pandemic.

It might be the restraint from hit people over the head with masks, yelling wear your masks.

Not unlike Faye Dunaway’s character in Mommy Dearest, beating her daughter bellowing no more wire hangers.

It might be the increased number of cases in the OR, as happens every year as people reach their deductibles and feel compelled to have surgery so that it is free.

It might be the new window installation at the house and let me tell you that is a LOT of work.

It might be letdown from being done with my MSN, yet not yet ready to start my PhD.

It might be the election.

It might be the increasing financial strain of the economy struggling to aid those who need aid.

It might be that I disappointed myself and didn’t finish a task before this morning’s meeting.

It might be all of the above.

It probably is all of the above.

But, if this year has taught me anything, it is that people are stupid and sheep-like.

Naw, it is that you have to be kind to yourself.

Give yourself a break.

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