Drowning? A bit.

I have talked about how I have been anticipating staff changes due to the pandemic.

I thought that there would be staffing gaps as people left for various reasons.

And I was correct.

Our tech numbers, which had been very low, are rebounding.

We are nearly fully stocked with techs.

The nurse numbers.

Those are a different story.

This nurse had a baby, this nurse had surgery, this nurse left to pursue other things such as administration. This other nurse left because.

We have new nurses coming on. But they are still in orientation.

I do not approve of rushing orientation, especially for surgeons who are as spoiled as ours.

I also do not approve of rushing tech orientation, although I lost that battle. And they rushed 2 techs through orientation. Not ideal.

I do not approve of throwing the orientee nurse into an “easy” room and telling them to go at it and we would be by to check on them.

And now another nurse has gone out due to surgery.

I told them I would be available on mornings to help out.

They have yet to call for my help.

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