What’s wrong with these people

Friday night I had a tech who told me she was not on call and she would call me back with the person who was, because she just knew they had signed a change sheet.

Spoiler alert, they had not and she did not call me back.

In fact she ducked my calls for the rest of the night.

I sicced my assistant manager on the task to man the phones and get me a replacement call tech.

Because I was too busy converting a laparoscopic case to an open belly case.

I called her at 2230.

At 0015, while we were getting ready to close, she informed me she could not find anyone willing to come in.

And the original call tech had taken her sleepy medicine so she could not come in.

I had to keep my tech, who had been working hard all day and evening long, against her will.

I will be escalating this if nothing happens.

This is unacceptable.

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