Why, oh why

Today, at 1615, a private tech left the room and indicated the room was closing.


At this time two other rooms were going full blast.

If room 1 was going to be done by 1700, I could green light the 1700 add on, which would leave room for the 1800 add on.

The rep also indicated that they were done.

The ambulatory care unit called and said that the 1700 doctor had just arrived.

Okay then.

I green lit them to go back.

Guess what?

The tech and the rep were WRONG!!!

I know better than to listen to the tech. He’s usually on my personal shit list.

I definitely know better than to listen to the rep. He has an unflattering nickname in the department.

Even giving them twenty minute padding they should be done WELL before 1700.

Guess what?

They were not.

And then I had to listen to the CRNA bitch about being let go 5 minutes late.

I had to scrub out the scrub so she could go home.

I had to slightly delay the hip fracture.

I had to listen to the call CRNA Monday morning quarterback the decision to continue on.

And go on and on and on about whether the 1800 add on could go.

I knew that the 1800 would be done by 1800.

So I green lit that too.

Recap, there is a hip fracture and a foot I&D, both going to be done by 1900.

And the CRNA is giving me crap about it.

Yes, they were both done by 1900.

Yes, I might have gloated a little bit.


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