1.5 classes left

It is with a sigh of profound relief that I submit my last discussion post reactions.

Three weeks off!

And then 4 months to complete the 175 hours of clinical education I need to graduate.

The math is that I have three mornings off a week.

I don’t have to work until 1430.

0800-1400 is 6 hours, times three mornings a week equals 18 hours a week.

This should get me to the finish line for this part of my class withing 10  weeks.

Time off for good behavior.

The 0.5 is the writing of my master’s thesis.

Which we have been cleverly working on the ENTIRE time we’ve been in school.

I think it’s supposed to be 50 pages, or 75.

No matter, I’ll just weave the papers I have been writing into a cohesive whole.

And submit and I’ll be done.

Two things remain:

I have yet to submit for graduation. Gotta shoehorn a call into them about that.

And I have yet to find a preceptor for the 175 hours.

Wish me luck.


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