Quick note before work

Off to the hospital I go.

But, first, update on the gravity situation.

No more prednisone.


It makes my mouth taste funny.

And no advil on prednisone.


That most innocent of actions.

Makes me want to put a knife in my temporal mandibular joint.

You know, the jaw joint.

I had to describe today exactly what it feels like when I sneeze or make sudden jaw movements.

It feels like a 8/10 to the TMJ. With a tearing sensation and a flash of warmth.


However, my lovely, lovely bruise is mostly healed. Now just the line that shows on my cheek the impact point with subsequent sliding on the trash can remains.  This is still tender to the touch.  So no touchie.

After I told the PA about the pain he ordered me a panoramic x-ray of my face and jaw, with special consideration shown to the left TMJ.

I had to miss 2 meetings to do this.


I am awaiting results.

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