Goodbye is the hardest word

I know I’ve been in healthcare for 20+ years but loss is inevitable.

I have lost patients.

I have lost coworkers.

I have lost favorite doctors.

And I don’t mean to retirement, although that happens.

Or to going to another job because the OR is full of job hoppers.

I’ve taken care of a lot of people I work with.

Anesthesiologists, nurses, techs, friends and family of all of the above.

And I’ve experienced a lot of loss.

But this last six months we’ve lost a wonderful anesthesiologist.

He was amazing with patients.

He would always joke about the breast enlargement for male patients.

He was gentle with children.

And with parents.

And with patients.

And with nurses and techs and other doctors.

He knew when to say no to a surgeon before they wanted to do a dangerous case.

And he died after a very brief illness.

That is the best ending I could hope for him.

I just wish he’d been in the world a little longer.

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