Milking the time clock

I heard from another tech that my weekend tech claimed to work 18 hours call back this weekend.

Um, no.

We worked an hour and a half on Saturday.

Well, I worked two but I was there 40 minutes before he waltzed in.

He was there at 1100 on Sunday and he should have left after it was determined there would be a 3 hour lag before the first case while the instruments were sterilized.

Don’t ask me what they were doing.

We finished at 1830.

I went in at 1430 and got the case started and finished.

There was an appy (there very nearly always is) and that took 2 hours.

Okay. I went and looked at my hours for this weekend. Saturday I was there 2.5 hours but I was there way before him.

Sunday, I worked from 1430-1900, which is 4.5 hours.

And 2146-2349. This is two hours.

This marks me 9 hours at call back.

He was there during the day shift before me.

But still, the numbers don’t add up.

And no matter what I am doing after the case, department related, scheduling cases, etc., he’s always “leaving” when I have changed and I am about to leave, even if I saw him “leaving” a good thirty minutes ahead.

My only conclusion is that he is milking the time clock.

Which is fraud.

And one of the rule violations that will get you fired immediately.

This is a very serious accusation.

I need more data.

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