A coworker and I were talking this week and she said she would no longer say WTF. Instead it would be WTAF.

The A is for actual.

I thought that was perfect and I, too, would be adopting the phrase.

This week on WTAF: work day after holiday BS.

Oh, there’s another acronym.

Today is the first day after a holiday.

I was on call last night. Yeah, I know.

And a surgeon called and asked for the 0800 slot in a room that was not slated to start until 1200.

I gave him the time slot. And, because I’m nice and thorough, I texted the day shift charge of the change.

Who informed me that he told an entire team to come in at 0930. Because their case wasn’t until 1200.

Let’s pause and let that sink in.

The day after a holiday, he told an entire team to come in at 0930.

There were two techs slated to be out. But not nurse.


Thud, went my head against the desktop.

Fine. I’ll come in an start the case until the nurse gets there. But I was not to do that either.

Oh, oh, oh. And he told the CRNA that there would only be two rooms after 1700.

I repeat, on the DAY after a holiday.


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