Nurse’s week continued

Happy Nurse’s Week. And teacher appreciation week as well.

Wednesday I received a nurse of the year award from my hospital system at a dinner near the mother ship hospital. I was the only one from my hospital.

It was lovely.

My dad was there and watched me get the award. Which was amazing that he was still in town as I’d expected him to go back to California the week before. But he stayed to go to the awards banquet.

I’m not much on people or awards banquets, being introverted and shy. I can tell when I’m overwhelmed, I stand at rest, my hands at the base of my back. There are probably many pictures of me standing like that from Wednesday.

But I am happy I won this award. My husband jokes that we need more wall space. I tell him it’s the third award I’ve received, in eighteen years so I think our walls are safe.

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