When the cat’s away, the mice will play

I was gone last weekend for the AORN convention. This was planned in advance. I had to find coverage for my shifts. I had to tell people that no, sorry I couldn’t take their call for the weekend.

I come back on Thursday and run headlong into my shift. It was a busy shift and it took me until Friday to realize what the problem in the core was.

The latex gloves and the latex free gloves are kept separate. On purpose. Because are you really sure you opened latex free gloves for your latex anaphylactic patient? And micro dust, especially latex is a thing and can also lead to latex allergy.

Latex gloves and latex free gloves are meant to be kept apart.

While I was gone, they were intermingled. Sigh.

I was only gone for five days, people

The hell?

I took the sign that someone had oh so helpfully hung up explaining where the rest of the contents of that particular cart now were housed. And I wrote NO!!! on it in black sharpie, with the explanation that latex free gloves and latex gloves could not be next to each other.

But first I separated the gloves again.

Oh, I know who did it. They and I will be having words on Monday. I don’t want to shake them and tell that if they liked it so much at their old hospital they are welcome to return but to stop trying to remake this hospital into their old hospital. If they liked it so much, why did they leave?

Now I have to find supporting articles for my claim that the two kinds of gloves cannot coexist peacefully.


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