What are you? 5?

This week some very disturbing information fell into my lap.

I was working at the desk when two techs started talking about their favorite nurses. Which is okay. It wasn’t me, but who cares.

And then the conversation drifted off into how they “punish” the circulators they don’t like.

What, now?

You punish a circulator you don’t like by not having all of the supplies you know you are going to need for the case. So you can make them run for supplies.

Oh, hell, no ladies.

In actuality you are punishing the surgeon because they have to wait for the supplies.

But most of all, you are punishing the patient. The patient who has given themselves over to our care and are TRUSTING us.

The circulators are there for the patients. They are not there to dance on your strings.

If I hear of this again, I will be going to management. This isn’t a step I take lightly but no.

Just. No.

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