To thine own hospital be true

I didn’t mean to become that nurse. That elder nurse who knows everything and everyone.

That isn’t who I am as an introvert. As someone who is more comfortable with a patient under anesthesia and the rest of the team doing their thing.

I’ve been at my current hospital for 10 and a half  years. Yeah, shocks me too.

I’ve been here long enough to understand the building, even though it has been constantly under construction for five years. First room 5, then room 6, now another half of the hospital and a 7th OR planned to open this fall. And the 8th is a gleam in the administrator’s eye.

For example, I know when it has been very cold and we have an unseasonably warm day or two the chillers do not like it. Which makes the humidity in the rooms go up.

I know this, I’ve been through 10 winters here.

The new evening plant engineering guy,  he’s been here less than ten months.

And he looked at me askance when I told him the problem. And I reassured him that the humidity would balance out because I’d turned up the heat in the rooms.

Up goes the temperature, down goes the humidity.

Not sure if this is a thing about Southern hospitals or not.

But it is true.

As evidenced by what happened tonight.

The humidity in the rooms was 64%, too high.

So I raised all the temperatures and down went the humidities.

I love being right.

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