That was a close one

I am the scheduler for my OR.

Shocking, I know. Extra work, where do I sign up?

The first two weeks of this current schedule started with the week of Christmas and the second week was that of New Year’s.

The current schedule wasn’t due to be completed/published until December 10th. It was decided to complete the first two weeks early so that staff could plan their holidays. I finished the first two weeks before Thanksgiving and published them.

I then worked like an idiot because Christmas/December in the OR is anything  but merry.

I did complete and publish the rest of the schedule by December 10th. This means the last 4 weeks of the schedule was complete with all calls, weekend and otherwise, and days off by December 10th.

It being December I didn’t look at the schedule again until Thursday, January 3.

Whereupon I discovered that the last four weeks of the nurse weekend call days were missing.

Well, fuck.

The schedule had been published, I can’t go back and re-add the call days in for the RNs.

But I have a worksheet that I make myself with the calls planned out.

Some of the nurses copped to the fact that they were scheduled on certain days and they were rescheduled.

Some of them did not. I refrained from shouting liar, liar pants on fire.

I, of course, will bat clean up and take any calls not spoken for. Maybe 4 out of the 12.

But, when I discovered that the program had eaten all the nurse calls from January 5-February 2, I was mad, sure I would have to cover all 12 of the weekend call days by myself.

And my husband would be mad at me.

And my cats would be mad at me.

4-6 out of 12 isn’t so bad.

And you bet I e-mailed the staffing program’s inbox and told them of the hiccup. My OR may not be the only one affected.


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