Inclement Weather

It has snowed, it is snowing, it will be snowing.

Past, present, future.

Snow, not such a big deal in some places.

But here it’s a huge deal.

Because Southerners have no idea how to drive in it.

Or walk in it.

Or work in it.

But it happens.

Now we have a winter wonderland of ice, and snow, and freeze. I’m going to call no school tomorrow. That is a given.

But there will always be work.

For patients, if there any shred of hope of them having surgery, will make it to the hospital just fine.

Staff, eh, we’ll see.

Some places got 8 inches of snow, then ice, and some places just got a dusting.

We got two inches, plus ice.

Me, I parked my car at the park and ride at the top of our neighborhood. The hill getting out of the neighborhood is going to be practically impossible to get up for the next couple of days.

Just slow and steady when you drive on snow, on ice, on snow covered ice.

And, be safe.

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