Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Apparently, the antibiotic Cipro makes me mean.

I have had an absolutely shitty three weeks.

Let’s count down the reasons.

  1. Fall on my own stairs on Saturday fourteen days ago. Tripped avoiding the cat. Bruised the right side of my sacrum, tore/strained the top of my left calf. Still hurts with all the pain.
  2. Asked two different surgeons about my calf. Of course I believed the one who told me to walk, stretch, and it would be 6 weeks. The other one told me I needed to be in a boot and I would need physical therapy when I was done in six months.
  3. Bladder infection, first ever, thirteen days ago. All the symptoms, only resolved slightly on Bactrim. Went back to the doctor, urine culture done. She asked if  I wanted to start antibiotics on Wednesday. I said no, to her surprise, that wasn’t good antibiotics stewardship. Only to have a positive culture that was resistant to Bactrim. Cue the Cipro course begun last Saturday, for seven days.
  4. I’m supposed to be doing clinicals right now for school. Last summer I sent in a paper where I had to sign to attest the school was responsible for finding me a preceptor instructor for the particular class. I reached out in week 2 to find out who my instructor would be. No instructor, I have to find my own and do my 75 hours of clinical instruction in five weeks. My first person turned me down, I will be going down my list looking for a preceptor. All the hours (unpaid) will be worked in the next four weeks.
  5. I got called out by my day shift counterpart for being too mean to our staff. I’m sorry, are you not there to work? Remember, I won’t ask you to do anything I’m unwilling to do myself and the list is short.
  6.  Too many hours again this past pay period. Why do I do this to myself?

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