I have no love for December

The holidays, a time of wonder and joy. The holidays are for children and old alike. With presents, and food, and parties.

Unless you work in an operating room. Then the holidays are a time of rushing, of working, of continual cases, of seventy hour weeks, not including on call hours.

Everyone and their brother have met their deductibles and need surgery, like, last week. So they can be off during the holidays, recuperating. While everyone around them works to make the holidays awesome and magical.

It is also a time of bigger cases, more complex cases. Oddly, it is a time of increased cancer cases, especially of the bowel.

It is also a time of heart breaking cases. Like the ectopic pregnancy that we had to remove at 0130 Christmas morning. I don’t have children, and I’m not unduly religious, but even I know that is plain wrong by the universe.

I’m not sure if it is because we are busy, busy, busy, but I have no love for December.

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