I am an operating room nurse (to be seen as OR from here on out). I’ve been a nurse since 2001. I have been an OR nurse since 2002.

I always wanted to be an OR nurse. My mother is an OR nurse. So there is a proud tradition in our family of service. My father was in the Air Force and now he substitute teaches. I get it from both sides, apparently.

I have worked at 4 different hospitals: the small, rural California hospital where I learned my trade, the specialty orthopedic hospital, the main hospital attached to the ortho one, and a smallish suburban hospital. I currently work in the smallish suburban hospital. I’ve been here eight years, I think?

I may use big words, or acronyms, but I will try not to. Or, if I do, I will explain myself.

I will not spare the gore though, or the bloodshed, or the profanity.

Because the OR is a batshit crazy place to work. Full of sharp instruments, sharp voicesm verbal slaps, both mine and others.

And I would not work anywhere else.

Because this place, this is where we heal people.

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